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Cheeseman Featured by Apple

CheeseMan is featured by Apple in iTunes as New & Noteworthy. Check at iTunes    


CheeseMan got 5/5 from RecoReviews

The graphics within this game are very good and stand out this application is worth the money exiting sounds that make you want to click start and get into the game Read the whole review here


A short IndieGames Article

IndieGames Weblog wrote about CheeseMan !!!!


We are on KOTAKU !!!

Kotaku, one of the most famous video games-focused blog, wrote about CheeseMan. The author seems no to be very positive about the toch controls, but nevertheless, it’s KOTAKU !!!!!!!! Read the complete story here.

Pocketgamer Silver Award

Pocketgamer Silver Award !!!

CheeseMan won a silver award by Pocketgamer !!! It’s a tricky, hyperactive love letter to the past and the present In an average session you’ll be beset by spikes, circular saws, gaping chasms, projectile-spewing pipes, and crumbly platforms that disappear beneath your cheesy feet. CheeseMan knows exactly what it is – a slick and pure [...]

4 stars

AppTudes gave 4/5 stars

AppTudes gave 4/5 stars for CheeseMan CheeseMan puts the ‘hard’ in hardcore platformer You’ll already be hopelessly hooked by CheeseMan‘s tight controls and minimalist graphical style CheeseMan‘s dedication to simplicity and demand for perfection is quite charming Hurry to check out the site to win free promocodes !!!


iPhoneGamerUK rated CheeseMan 4/5

iPhoneGamerUK, a website providing all the latest game news & reviews, gave CheeseMan 4/5 stars. “CheeseMan is a fun and well addictive 2D platform game which is super fast to play” “Controls are super simple” “It’s a nice mixture for gamers of all abilities to play” Read the whole review here


iPhoneItalia Made A Review

After they already made a nice preview, iPhoneItalia made a complete review. Read it here ! iPhoneItalia is one of the biggest italian blogs providing news, reviews and stories about iPhone Apps.  


CheeseMan Is Released On AppStore !

One day earlier as planned we’d release CheeseMan on AppStore, YIIIIEEEHAAAA ! We hope you’ll enjoy the game, tell your friends about it and give it a nice rating ! Have fun ;)  

Video Review

First Video Review Available

Here is the first video review for Cheeseman by McCheung88. “All I can say is it’s a satisfyingly fustrating hardcore 2d platform fun game with enough variations to keep you interested, well worth a bash.”

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